Boldebolin Alpha Pharma


Manufacturer: Alpha Pharma Substance: Boldenone undecylenate (Equipose) Pack: 10 ampoules (250mg/ml)

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The main characteristics of Equipoise

  • quality weight gain
  • a strong increase in appetite
  • increase power performance
  • an increase in muscle density
  • poor aromatization
  • the half-life – 14 days
  • optimum dosage – 400-1000 mg per week
  • Duration of the cycle – 10-12 weeks

Examples of steroid boldenone cycles using:

For beginners cycle:

  • 500mg  Testosterone enanthate / cypionate  – 1-12 weeks
  • 600mg  Boldenone  -1-12 weeks
  • 30mg  of methane  daily basis – 1-4 weeks
  • PCT  – 3 weeks after the last injection of testosterone

Slightly aromatizing mass gaining cycle:

  • 800mg  Boldenone  – 1-12 weeks
  • 600mg  Primobolan  – 1-13 weeks
  • (Optional  Oksandorolon  50-60 mg daily – 1-16 weeks)
  • PCT  – three weeks after the last injection Primobolan

Advanced mass gaining cycle (for very experienced athletes; recommended regular control samples before, during and after a cycle):

  • 500ui HCG  – 1-18 weeks
  • 1000-1500mg  Testosterone enanthate / cypionate / Sustanon  – 1-16 weeks
  • 500-750mg  Deca (Nandrolone Dekanota)  – 1-14 weeks
  • 800-100mg  boldenone  – 1-14 weeks
  • 150-200mg  Nandrolone Phenylpropionate  in a day – 14-18 weeks
  • 150-200mg  of Testosterone Propionate  every other day – 16-18 weeks
  • 100-150  trenbolone Acetate  through the day – 12-18 weeks
  • (Optional quickstart 40-50mg  Methane  daily, 1-4 weeks)

PCT  – three days after the last injection, trenbolone Acetate.


Most beginners complain about the high price of a steroid. But such reviews about Equipoise can not be called completely objective, because the drug is far from the most expensive, especially given the rarity of injections. A steroid produced by the Moldovan pharmaceutical company is considered one of the best, if not the best on the market in its price segment.

Reviews about Equipoise from high-level athletes speak about the good quality of the recruited mass (with a gradual increase in volumes), an increase in power performance and relative safety. At dosages of up to 600 milligrams per week, side effects are almost not found. In general, the steroid has a good reputation.

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