Halobol Alpha Pharma


Manufacturer: Alpha Pharma Substance: Fluoxymesterone (Halotestin) Pack: 5mg (50 pills)

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Halobol is the most powerful anabolic and androgenic steroid from the Indian pharmacological company Alpha Pharma. The package Halobol contains 50 tablets of 5 milligrams. The active ingredient is fluoxymesterone. Most often, the steroid is used by representatives of sports with weight categories.

Taking the drug increases strength, muscle density and aggression. Very often practiced once used on the eve of important competitions. The big advantage of Halobol is that despite the high anabolic activity rate (1900% of testosterone), the drug does not cause a sharp increase in muscle mass.

Pharmacological properties and effects

Earlier, fluoxymesterone was used as a means with pronounced androgenic qualities, used in curing male hypogonadism and delaying puberty in young men, as well as in curing breast cancer in women. Right now, medicine has abandoned its use. Halobol is approximately 5 times stronger than methyltestosterone.

Halobol (Fluoxymesterone) has the same molecular structure as methyltestosterone. The drug is able to block estrogen and prolactin sensors, which eliminates the risk of gynecomastia, edema and fat deposits. Among other things, it is noted that the substance improves the performance of athletes. Fluoxymesterone can be used to burn fat – numerous studies show that the preparation optimizes the oxidation of fatty acids in fast fibers.

Reviews about Halobol

Fans almost do not use this pharmacological means, and therefore reviews about Halobol from Alpha Pharma are more often from professional athletes. Virtually all opinions are left anonymously, but this does not give reason to doubt their truthfulness. Athletes note a rapid increase in motivation and aggression, even after a single steroid. The increase in power indicators is also highly valued.

Negative reviews about Halobol are associated with frequent side effects. Athletes are unhappy with the periodic pain in the liver, as well as the very fact of the occurrence of serious adverse reactions. However, there is another side of the coin: 99% of users who take “dangerous” Halobol, follow the recommendations and do not exceed the dosage.

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