Max-One Maxtreme


Manufacturer: Maxtreme Substance: Methandienone oral (Dianabol) Pack: 10mg (100 pills)

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Max-One Maxtreme (Dianabol) is a fairly strong steroid anabolic, which has an anabolic effect with a weakly expressed androgen effect. The manifestation of anabolic processes promotes an increase in muscle mass, an increase in strength and a general strengthening of the bones of the skeleton and the organism as a whole. With regular and correct use of the drug, a decrease in fat deposits is noted.

Dosages and regimens

It is often written that methane should be taken “hill.” Widely known scheme of admission, in which the drug is taken for 5 days, and then, on the 6th day, a complete rest is given to the body. However, for beginners, this makes little sense. It is necessary to take from 5 to 20 mg per day, while if the dosage is more than 10 mg, it is necessary to arrange 2 doses. The period of assimilation of the drug is 4-5 hours, it is necessary to maintain a relatively stable hormonal background. On the cycle, it is recommended to take holosas to facilitate the outflow of bile.

The duration of the first cycle should be about 6 weeks. PCT after dianabol is necessary, although many say otherwise. At PCT, anti-estrogens are taken, and hepatoprotectors.


Reviews about Dianabol among athletes are quite contradictory. A lot of criticism comes from the newcomers, who complain about the phenomenon of pullback and the fact that they are too “flooded” with water. However, all athletes without exception are satisfied with the effect of Dianabol tablets during the cycle, which as a result allows you to gain up to 10 kg (and in some cases more) of muscle mass.

Among the professional bodybuilders, bad reviews about Dianabol are practically not found. The action of the original drug corresponds to all the declared effects. Experienced athletes receive a smaller weight gain for the cycle, but the correct combination with other drugs avoids the phenomenon of pullback and all the accumulated remains with the athlete. By the ratio of price and quality, Dianabol is one of the best drugs to date.

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